Why An All Girls School?

From its inception in 1951, Notre Dame Academy has been a school where each young woman is valued for who she is and for who she has the potential to become. Our mission has always been to nurture each student's strengths and talents while helping her to build confidence, healthy values, and a sense of personal and social responsibility.

What The Experts Say...

Graduates from all-girls-schools are three times more likely than their
co-ed peers to major in engineering.
-National Coalition of Girls' Schools

One of the biggest benefits of an all girls education is the stress-free environment and support from everyone in the NDA community. NDA girls are all connected by sisterhood and grow to be intelligent, independent women together, and that school spirit can’t be matched in coeducational schools. - Ava Grade 12
I find there is a lot more freedom to speak your mind in the classroom because you are surrounded by other girls, each with unique and valuable insights. I love that being at an all girls school you learn to become independent and are supported by the faculty and students to become the best version of yourself. - Jacqueline Grade 11
Girls' schools create a culture of achievement in which academic progress is of great importance, and the discovery and development of a girls' individual potential is paramount. Time in the classroom is spent learning. -National Coalition of Girls' Schools

Women graduates of single-sex schools exhibit higher academic engagement than do their coeducational counterparts... -Linda Sax Ph.D -Women Graduates of Single Sex and Co-educational High Schools